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Facilities & Staff

Our Brisbane prosthetics facility is located in Banyo just near the Brisbane Airport. This new facility is where clients can come and be treated in a comfortable, fully air-conditioned professional environment.

We have installed the latest gait analysis system into our walking room. This video analysis system assists ALA staff to ensure that both optimal fit and function of our clients. Our spacious walking room has two sets of parallel bars and allows for trialling of a prosthesis in an open setting. There are also private fitting rooms for the more discerning clients.

Our location has ample off street and designated disabled parking to make access to our facility very safe and easy for all of our clients.

We are very proud of our facility and welcome everyone to come and visit.

Staff Profiles


Luke Lorenzin:
Manager / Senior Prosthetist
Luke graduated from LaTrobe University with Bachelor in Prosthetics & Orthotics in 2008. Since graduating he has worked with some of the Australia’s most experienced prosthetists to help him gain knowledge, skills and experience from the best in the field. His particular prosthetic interests are in myoelectric arms and anything that involves some individual prosthetic design.

Paris McLachlan-Kambuts
Paris graduated from LaTrobe University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Masters of clinical Prosthetics and Orthotics. Her interest in prosthetics developed during the 2008 Beijing Paralympic games after hearing a radio interview with a prosthetist. She was intrigued by the profession and amazed by the achievements of the amputee competitors. Paris is looking forward to helping all of ALA's clients reach their goals and ambitions. 

Hoyoung Lee
Hoyoung Lee (Young) completed a Medical Aids Technician course in 2009. Since then he has worked alongside of one of Australia’s most experienced technicians (Steve). Young is a keen worker and was quick to become an asset to ALA after he began his employment in 2011. Young’s superior workmanship allows ALA to continue give our clients the type of service that they have expected over its 40 year existence.


Chris Tippett
Administration Officer
Chris joined the ALA team in 2016. Since joining ALA she has shown a keen interest in prosthetics and has developed a sound knowledge of prosthetics and how they work. She has helped improve the service to our clients by ensuring all requests are dealt with in a speedy manner. She particularly enjoys seeing our happy clients walking out with their new prosthesis.